Jail Information

Jail Staff

If you need to address any problem or concern and are unable to satisfactorily resolve the issue with the Corrections Officer assigned to the Visitation Area, please contact Lieutenant Mike Coburn at 517-768-1605, or Captain Anthony Stewart at 517-768-7915.

Telephone Numbers

The following telephone numbers are available for Jail Information or Jail Personnel.

Wesley Street Jail

  • Receiving 517-768-7900
  • Sergeants 517-768-7912

Chanter Road Jail

  • Control Center 517-768-1609
  • Sergeants 517-768-1606
Wesley Street Jail entrance and windows
If you have a comment or a question that you wish to have answered by the Jackson County Office of the Sheriff, send an email.

Technological Improvements

Enhanced Operations / Digital Technology

The Jackson County Jail and its staff members are utilizing a dynamic training program to improve jail services and enhance the criminal justice system. Through the leadership of the Jail Commander, Bob Vogt and Mike Colburn, the Jackson County Jail has implemented both strong and innovative technologically based systems to assist them in this endeavor.
Through the use of computerized digital photographic imaging, photographic reproduction costs have been eliminated. The digital images have assisted both City and County investigators to enhance crime-solving means. The system has reduced storage requirements while increasing accessibility 24 hours a day.

Live Scan Fingerprinting

The implementation of live scan fingerprinting has increased efficiency of fingerprint technology. The capability of viewing the fingerprint prior to submission to the Michigan Department of State Police Central Records Division has eliminated the constant return of unsubmittable fingerprints. In the near future this system will be capable of submitting the fingerprints to the Automated Fingerprint Identification System and receive immediate returns. This will allow for the immediate submission and identification of suspects as well as solvency of dated crimes.