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Emergency Response Information for Individuals with a Disabilities

  1. Name and Information for Person with Disability
  2. Guardianship*
  3. Guardian Relationship
  4. Physical Description of Person with Disability
  5. Medical Information for Person with Disability
  6. Diagnosed Conditions*
  7. House Information
  8. Ex: where is your bedroom, do you use oxygen, have pets, etc
  9. Do you have a secondary, outside key for emergency purposes?
  10. Physical Disability*
  11. Invisible Disability*
  12. Verbal Communication
  13. Non-Verbal Communication
  14. Unique or Special Behaviors
  15. Explain, ex: yelling, giggles, stands to close)
  16. Explain, ex: Communication problems, combative, etc
  17. Sensory Overload (select what may result from sensory overload)
  18. What might Trigger Sensory Overload
  19. What calming mechanisms may work for any of the above behaviors
  20. For persons that are a flight risk, is there a favorite location they might be found or do they have a fixation on a particular person, place, or topic
  21. All information given on this form is confidential and secure. It will not be shared with any other organizations. Your information is only accessible to Jackson County Dispatch and Emergency Responders.
  22. In the event you need to make changes to this information please call Jackson Dispatch Offices at 517-768-7957.
  23. CodeRED
    Code Red is a program to notify Jackson county residents in the event of emergency situations or critical community alerts. Examples include: evacuation Notices, bio-terrorism alerts, boil water notices, and missing child reports. You can enroll for alerts here
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