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COVID-19 Business and School Reporting Form

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  2. COVID-19 Business and School Reporting Form
  3. This information is confidentially accessed by the Jackson County Health Department in order to streamline business / school reporting to the health department. The survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete and has all of the resources you need to successfully manage the COVID-19 exposure in your workplace. Please do not include any identifying information in the survey about the individual who tests positive for COVID-19. NOTE: The Jackson County Health Department may call you and ask for identifying information, including names and phone numbers, after reviewing your submitted information
  4. 2. Please provide the following information about the business/school and point of contact. The business point of contact should be a manager or human resources contact. The school point of contact should be someone identified as responsible for communicable disease reporting or a school administrator.
  5. (xxx)xxx-xxxx
  6. 4. Please provide the following about the COVID-19 Employee/Student:
  7. In the 14 days prior to today's date of submission, has your site had other positive COVID cases in your staff/students? If yes, please indicate how many. If you found out that a patron or guest was positive for COVID, you may indicate that as well.
  8. Please keep the identity of the Positive COVID-19 individual confidential, and do not disclose to co-workers or patrons who the individual is.
  9. Individuals are considered contagious 2 days before symptom onset, or if asymptomatic (no symptoms), 2 days before they are tested. Please ensure the positive individual is isolating at home (away from family whenever possible so that family is not exposed). Please see the CDC guidance on isolating after a positive test:
  10. 7. Have you notified exposed co-workers and asked them to quarantine?
  11. It is crucial that close contacts to the individual who tested positive for COVID-19 are quickly identified and quarantined. The CDC Quarantine Guide and Close Contact Definitions are linked below. You need to send individuals home to quarantine, as they are at risk of contracting the disease and potentially spreading it to others.
  12. 8. Is there a possibility that any patrons, visitors, or students would meet the definition for close contact? If so, have you reached out and quarantined these individuals
  13. The following guidelines will help answer some questions related to quarantine. Please provide this to employees and patrons who may be affected. The standard length of quarantine is 14 days. Since your risk of developing COVID-19 is less than 10% after ten days of quarantine, a shorter 10 day quarantine may be possible. If this shorter period of time is the choice, then on days 11-14, you may resume your normal activities but must continue to monitor for symptoms of illness and wear a mask whenever you are in a room with other people. If you live or work with vulnerable individuals (including older adults or individuals who are immunocompromised), you should follow the standard 14 days of self-quarantine to protect them. Currently, both the Jackson County Health Department and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services do not advise testing on day 5-7 to shorten the quarantine period.
  14. • It is important to close off areas that may have been exposed until cleaning is conducted. • It is recommended to wait 24 hours since the COVID-19 exposure before cleaning or disinfecting. • Affected areas/businesses can reopen once properly disinfected. • Workers who did not have close contact with the COVID-19 positive individual can return to work immediately after the exposed area is disinfected.
  15. Additional resources can be found here:
  16. You can call the Jackson County Health Department at 517-788-4420, option 9, and leave a message related to COVID-19. We will respond to your survey and voicemails as soon as we are able.
  17. Thank you for taking the time to provide us thorough information. We will continue to work with our community partners to keep Jackson County residents and visitors safe.
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