I deposited money in an inmate’s account. When will they get it?
As soon as you deposit money into the inmate's account via kiosk or www.expressaccount.com the funds become available to the inmate.

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1. How do I get a copy of a traffic crash report?
2. What should I do when I need non-emergency police services?
3. Where is the Jackson County Office of the Sheriff located?
4. How do I get Jail Information?
5. If I know someone with an outstanding warrant, how do I get them arrested?
6. Where do I call if I want to give information without giving my name?
7. I have had my fingerprints taken before, must I do it again?
8. I would like to make a police report, who do I call?
9. I have called and left a message for a deputy and they haven't called me back yet, why?
10. I need to speak to a particular deputy but they never answer the phone number they provided me on their card.
11. I hit a deer on my way to work and need to make a report. I have continued on to work and would like to make the report.
12. Do I or someone I know have a warrant?
13. I have court ordered fingerprints or DNA Sample how do I get them done?
14. I need to get a background check done for a job. Do you do them there?
15. I want to report a loose/vicious dog near my residence but I can’t locate a phone number for Animal Control.
16. My ex-spouse/girlfriend refused me visitation with my child and I have paperwork showing it is my time to have him/her. I want the police to go and pick up my child and turn him/her over to me.
17. What do I do to sell a handgun to someone if they do not have a Concealed Pistol License?
18. What do I do to sell a handgun to someone if they have a Concealed Pistol License?
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20. What do I need to bring to obtain a License to purchase a handgun?
21. How much does it cost for a License to Purchase a handgun?
22. I inherited a handgun, how do I get it registered?
23. I just moved to Michigan from another state, how to I get my handguns registered?
24. I have a License to Purchase a handgun, now what?
25. Must I return a completed Pistol Sales Record or License to Purchase form in person?
26. I purchased a pre-paid phone card for an inmate. When will they receive it?
27. I deposited money in an inmate’s account. When will they get it?
28. Am I able to put money in to an inmate’s account without having to go to the jail?
29. Am I able to call the jail so that the staff can pass a message to an inmate?
30. When may I come to visit an inmate?
31. May I bring a child to visitation?
32. How can I find out if a loved one is lodged or if they have a bond?
33. Why is my loved one on restriction and unable to get a visit?
34. How do I reach the deputy investigating my case.