What is the process of mediation in divorce cases?
Mediation is the process of two or more people settling problems without going to court. A neutral person called a mediator will work with both sides to assist them in reaching a satisfactory resolution of the problem. Mediation services do not work in all cases but a variety of cases can be successfully resolved using mediation. Types of cases include: property damages, neighborhood issues such as joint driveway or fence problems, disputes between shoppers and merchants, small claims, landlord-tenant disputes, and family disputes such as contested wills or curfew agreements.

Mediation of disputes between farmers and U.S. Department of Agriculture agencies is also available, as is mediation for parents involved in disputes with schools over special education issues. Mediation is very successful; 90% of the people who agree to go to mediation reach a settlement which resolves the matter. Each year, over 10,000 people solve their problems this way.

If you have a dispute with someone, call the local community dispute resolution center in your area. They will collect information about the case, contact the other person involved, and if both parties agree to use mediation, schedule a mediation session. During the mediation session, both parties will be able to talk about the problem, explore solutions, and if possible, reach an agreement that is satisfactory to both. For the telephone number of the community dispute resolution center nearest you, call 800-873-7658. This phone call is free.

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