Sanitary Code Board of Appeals


The Sanitary Code Board of Appeals' primary responsibility is to hear variance requests for water and sewage systems for on-site wells and sewage systems for new construction.

The Board consists of 10 members - 2 of which are public seats. The length of term is 4 years and appointments are made in January.


Meetings are called when necessary to hear appeals and are held at the Health Department.

Jackson County Board of Commissioner Appointees:

Position Member/Appointee Term Expiration
Well Driller (main) Charles Sebastian, III 1/2024
Well Driller (alt)   1/2024
Contractor (main) Leland Prebble 1/2021
Contractor (alt) Chris Crisenberry 1/2023
Installer (main) Greg Warblow 1/2022
Installer (alt)   1/2022
Public (main) Jack Ripstra 1/2023
Public (alt)   1/2023
Commissioner (main) Rodney Walz 1/2023
Commissioner (alt) Earl Poleski 1/2023

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