Jackson County Land Bank Authority


The Land Bank is a county authority and a strategic economic tool that supports growth and investment in our community. Land Banks were created to return tax reverted property to productive use as rapidly as possible. These reverted properties commonly come through the tax foreclosure process. A Land Bank may concentrate its efforts on an entire neighborhood that needs reinvestment. The Land Bank will buy, renovate and resell multiple properties in a designated area with a goal of owner-occupancy.

The board consists of 11 members - (1) County Treasurer, (1) Township Representative, (1) Non-Profit Corporation Representative, (3) Commissioners, (2) City of Jackson Representatives, and (3) Public Members

Jackson County Board of Commissioner Appointees:

Position Member/Appointee Term Expiration
County Treasurer Karen Coffman N/A
Township Representative Jim Spink 10/2022
Non-Profit Representative Lindsey Noll 10/2021
Commissioner Phil Duckham 10/2021
Commissioner Darius Williams 1/2024
Commissioner Daniel Mahoney 10/2023
City Representative David Taylor 10/2023
City Representative Kelsey Heck 10/2020
Public Member
 - Real Estate Experience
Marvin Jester 10/2021
Public Member
 - Construction Experience
Kevin Cunningham 10/2019
Public Member Jeff Kruse 10/2019