County Prosecutor

County Prosecuting Attorney Office

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Criminal Division

The Prosecuting Attorney is elected for a four-year term by the residents of the county. The office is established according to the Michigan Constitution, and is responsible for the prosecution of crime. The Prosecuting Attorney is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the county and represents the county in all criminal matters before the Circuit, District, Probate, Appellate and Supreme Court.

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Victim Rights Unit

The Victim Rights Unit provides information and support services to crime victims whose needs were often neglected or ignored by the criminal justice system previous to the adoption of the Michigan Crime Victim's Rights Act in 1985. With the passage of a constitutional amendment in 1988, Michigan crime victims now have the most complete legal rights in the nation.

Services provided to residents by the specialized unit include:

  • Acts as a liaison between the victim and the court system.
  • Provides notification of scheduled court hearings.
  • Providing a safe private waiting area in the courthouse apart from the defendant's family and friends.
  • Accompanies victim to court when requested.
  • Assists victims in seeking Court ordered restitution.
  • Assists victims with written and/or oral impact statements describing the private/public service agencies within the county and/or State of Michigan.
  • Conducts courtroom orientation with victims.
  • Assists in the return of victim's evidence.