Department on Aging Advisory Council


The Jackson County Board of Commissioners appoints a 15 member Advisory Council on Aging. Members of the Advisory Council are older adults and those who provide services to older adults. The Advisory Council provides information about the needs and opinions of older adults in Jackson County, offers input on the desirability of programs, and generally advises the Department on Aging on matters concerning senior citizens. 

Jackson County Board of Commissioner Appointees:

Member/Appointee Term Expiration
Sharon Best 12/2023
Roger Gaede 12/2023
Tina Gross 12/2023
Diane Derby 12/2023
Russ Jennings 12/2023
Jill Clouser 12/2023
Robin Craft-Jones 12/2023
Jennifer Hauglie 12/2023
Zachary Watson 12/2023
Patricia Spink 12/2023
Dennis Hayeck 12/2023
Peggy Younglove 12/2023
Willie Anderson 12/2023
Kimberly Mulvihill 12/2023
Rick Sigers 12/2023