Animal Redemption


If you would like to redeem your animal from our shelter we will need proof of ownership. An example of ownership could be pictures of you and the animal together, veterinarian records, etc. We will also need proof the animal is up to date on their rabies vaccination and has a current dog license. If you do not have these, an additional fee will be charged to gain compliance. 

Fees include but are not limited to Impound, Boarding, Vaccination, and Veterinarian costs and dog license (purchased through the Treasurer's Department). 

Impound Fees

First Offense

  • $25
  • $40 if not altered

Second Offense

  • $50
  • $100 if not altered

*Third Offense

  • $100
  • $175 if not altered
*The county ordinance requires that an owner redeeming a dog for the 3rd time build a secure structure that is inspected by an animal control officer prior to release.

Note: The additional amount for animals that are not sterilized will be refunded if the animal is sterilized within 10 business days.

Boarding Fees

Are in addition to Impound Fees for animals that are found running loose.
  • Dog - $20 per day
  • Cat - $10 per day

If an animal has been bitten we can hold it at our facility for it's 10 day bite quarantine

  • 10 day quarantine - $500