Domestic Case Scheduling Order


 Item Day Time
Friday 9 a.m.
Trial Friday 9 a.m.
Pursuant to MCR 2.301(A) and MCR 2.401(B)(2):
  1. Modifying Case Scheduling Orders: Absent good cause, a motion must be filed within 14 days of receipt of this order and must explain why a change is necessary.
  2. Smile Program: Failure to attend this program will be considered as a lack of interest in custody or parenting time.
  3. Uncontested Divorces: A Pro-Con hearing can be scheduled by calling Judge Rappleye's office, 768-2784.
  4. Discovery: Discovery must be completed before the pre-trial conference. Further discovery shall only occur by agreement or upon leave granted.
  5. Witnesses: Witness lists shall be exchanged, pursuant to MCR 2.40(I), no later than 7 days before the pre-trial conference or any referee hearing. Undisclosed witnesses will not be allowed to testify absent good cause.
  6. Exhibits: Exhibit lists shall be exchanged no later than the pre-trial conference. Undisclosed exhibits will not be admitted absent good cause.
  7. Pre-Trial Conferences: Both parties must be present. Your failure to appear at the scheduled pre-trial may result in a default judgment or dismissal of the case.
  8. Trial Brief: File with Judge Rappleye and exchange no later than 7 days before the scheduled trial.
  9. Property Division Chart: A property division chart must be filed with Judge Rappleye and exchanged no later than 7 days prior to the trial. Failure to file a chart will result in the other party's chart being used by the Court to determine property values. If neither party files the chart, this Court will consider all property matters. The chart shall list a description, value and the amount of any debt on each item/property, and whether the party desires an award of the item/property. The Defendant's chart shall be revised prior to the trial so that the items/properties are presented in substantially the same order as in the Plaintiff's chart.
  10. Spousal Support (Alimony): If spousal support is or becomes an issue, both parties shall prepare computations based on the non-binding Washtenaw County Guidelines. The memoranda shall be exchanged no later than 7 days prior to the trial.
  11. Trial: The Court will decide the matter on the date scheduled, a judgment must be submitted within 21 days of the trial or the case will be dismissed. If the case is settled, a Pro-Con hearing must be held and a judgment submitted also within 21 days.
  12. Motions: An additional copy of both the motion and the notice of hearing should be sent to the Judge's office each time a motion is scheduled. Domestic relation motions are heard on Thursdays at 9:30 a.m. Motions filed in Pro Per (without attorneys) are scheduled with the Friend of the Court for Wednesday mornings, if not settled the Judge will hear the motion the following week on Thursday at 3 p.m.
  13. Judgments and Orders Involving Child Support: The Friend of the Court must approve all judgments, orders and stipulated orders.
  14. Reconciliation: If the parties reconcile or want to stop this action, a notice should be filed with the Court and an order submitted to dismiss the case. You may reinstate the case without any additional filing fees if done so within 90 days of dismissal.
  15. Special Needs: If a party, attorney or witness has any handicap or special need, please contact the Judge's office prior to scheduling any hearing. The court sound system does consist of devices that will assist people with a hearing loss.

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