D is for Diversity - We value and respect diversity and recognize the benefit it brings in understanding and serving all people.

E is for Empowerment - Our organizational culture supports staff in their initiative to take actions that support our goals. We strive to be a high performance organization by promoting a culture of continuous improvement and foster employees that are competent, motivated, engaged and empowered.

D is for Develop - Policies and plans that support community health efforts and address existing and emerging public health challenges.

I is for Integrity - We honor the public's trust and are committed to the highest standards of excellence, professional ethics and personal integrity in all that we do.

C is for Customer centered - Jackson County Health Department staff treat all customers with dignity and respect while being adaptive and flexible to listen, meet and exceed the expectations of the community we serve.

A is for Accessible - We provide access to and support for preventative health services in an effort to reduce chronic disease and improve the health of our community.

T is for Teamwork - We work collaboratively with our community partners, sharing knowledge and resources to enhance access to services and improve the health and well-being of all residents in Jackson County.

E is for Educate - We provide education to our community in our clinics, during home visits, at school programs, in pamphlets, on the internet, and through media to empower people to take individual responsibility about health, safety and lifestyle decisions.

D is for Disaster - Disaster and public health emergency preparedness to respond and provide the community with information to help them stay safe and healthy.