Statutory Fees

Statutory Fees

MCLA 600.2567

Recording Fees

Recording fee checks should be made out to Register of Deeds for the correct recording amount.
  • $30 flat rate per document.  Effective October 1, 2016, fee is no longer based on number of pages being recorded ($4 MSSR fee for remonumentation is included)
  • $3 - Each additional assignment or discharge for documents assigning or discharging more than one instrument.
  • $5 - Minimum charge for grantor/grantee search (50¢ per year searched)
Note: The $4.00 M.S.S.R. fee Is not assessed on Fixture Filings, State and Federal Liens, State Deeds, Plats, or Treasurer's tax reversion documents.

Warranty Deeds - Land Contracts

A tax certificate must be obtained from the County Treasurer's Office prior to recording any of the following [MCLA 211.135]: Separate check is required for the tax certification, made payable to the Jackson County Treasurer.

Warranty Deeds

Any Deed which contains a covenant of warranty

Land Contracts Assignment of Land Contract with warranty clause

Tax Certificates - Separate $5 check made payable to Jackson County Treasurer for the tax certification  

Copy Fee

Make check payable to the Register of Deeds 
  • Real Estate Records copy - $1 per page
  • U.C.C. filing, per page - $2 per page
  • State or Federal tax lien - $1 per page
  • Plats of Record - $1 per page
  • Certification of any of the above copies - $5 per document

Search Fee

Make payable to the Register of Deeds
  • State Tax Lien Search - $3 per name
  • Federal Tax Lien Search - $3 per name 
  1. Amanda L. Kirkpatrick

    County Clerk / Register of Deeds

  2. Mona Webb

    Chief Deputy

  3. Register of Deeds

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    Phone: 517-788-4350
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    Hours of Operation
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    The Register of Deeds Office is closed on all legal holidays.