While the 12th District Court remains closed to the public and most services are suspended, the following is a FAQ for services currently available online ( or by calling us.  We’re working to increase online services so please check back to for the most up to date information.

Q:  Are masks required to enter the courthouse?  

A:  Yes, per EO 2020-147, all persons entering the courthouse are required to wear a mask.  Failure to do so will result in refusal to enter the courthouse.  

Q:  What is the virtual waitroom?

A:  Similar to the Secretary of State, you can check in with your smart phone the service you are needing and a text or email notification will be sent to you directing you when you’re next in line.  

Q:  I was able to get a marriage license, is the court performing weddings?

A:  Not at this time.  Due to witnesses and signatures required, this is not something we anticipate we’ll be able to do remotely and will be suspended until we open fully to the public.   

Q:  I’m behind in my rent, can my landlord evict me?  

A:  With the Governor’s Executive Order, 2020-19, this temporarily suspends evictions through 4/17/2020; although it may be extended.  This order doesn’t address what happens when the order and COVID-19 State of Emergency expires. A landlord may then be able to immediately file for an eviction if you are past due or violated other terms of the contract.   

Q:  I got a ticket.  How do I pay it or fight it?  

A:  You can do several different things – which are stated on the ticket.  You can’t come into the courthouse to pay or request an informal hearing.  However, you can accept responsibility and pay or request an informal hearing, by going online to or mailing in a check for payment or your signed ticket requesting an informal hearing.  

Q:  I’m on a payment plan to pay off my court fines and costs, how do I pay?

A:  You can still pay on your file via  You can also call 517-780-4753 to make a credit card payment over the phone.  Collection Officers are in the building to answer questions 2-3 days a week and will return any calls as soon as they can.  

Q:  I have a warrant; how do I clear it?

A:  That can possibly be handled by going to and clicking on warrant review.  Staff monitor this daily and can look up your case and give you direction.  You can also call 517-788-4260 and speak with a staff member who can direct you on what’s necessary to clear your warrant.  

Q:  I had a court hearing during the time the courthouse was closed, what do I do?

A:  All hearings have or will be rescheduled later into May and June.  Notices will be mailed to the address we had on file at the time of the original court date.  If you have a change of address, please call 517-788-4260 to update your address.  You will still be responsible for making your re-scheduled court date; otherwise a warrant may be issued for failing to appear.  You can also look up your case information on for up-to-date case information.  

Q:  I’m supposed to report to my probation officer, how do I do that?  

A:  Most probationers should have been contacted already by their probation officers.  Many office visits have been transferred to phone check in.  However, each case is different, so speak with your probation officer if you have questions.  Probation Officer phone numbers and email addresses can be found on our website,  

 Q:  I have community service and I’m court ordered to serve, what do I do? 

A:  Community service has been suspended at this time.  When the stay at home order is lifted and the courthouse opens, our probation officer overseeing community service will make contact with those individuals for further direction.  

Q:  I have a pre-sentence investigation and I’m supposed to meet with my probation officer, how do I make that up?  

A:  Your probation officer may be rescheduling the meeting for when we re-open; or they may set up a phone interview with you to gather the necessary information.  If you have questions, you can call the probation department at 517-788-4280 or look up your probation officer’s email and phone number on

 Q:  How can I have my case handled via Virtual Courtroom?

A:  You may call the criminal division and speak with one of the clerks to determine if your case is able to be held virtually.  The criminal division’s phone number is:  517-788-4260.