Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Do you offer a "scared straight/walk through" program for troubled youth?
Evidence indicates that “Scared Straight” and similar programs are simply not effective in deterring       criminal activity. In fact, these types of programs may be harmful and increase delinquency relative to no intervention at all with the same youths:  Scared Straight? Not Really


Q.  Can I get my child locked up?
A.  No.  All residents are lodged on a court order.

Q.  Who can visit?
​A.  Parents, step-parents, grandparents, and legal guardians.

Q.  How do I drop off my child's medication?
​A.  Medications can be dropped off at any time; we are open 24/7.  All medications must be in the original packaging.  Over the counter medications must be unopened and prescriptions must
​have original labels affixed.

Q.  Are medical/dental services provided?
​A.  All residents receive a medical exam within 7 days of admittance and when needed for additional 
​medical issues.  JCYC has a monthly dental clinic, at which time all eligible residents are seen. 

Q.  What should I do if my child has a scheduled outside medical appointment?
​A.  Please call the supervisor on duty at 517-788-4460 to schedule a transport.

Q.  Does my child need money or clothing items?
​A.  No.  All food, clothes, and hygiene items are provided. 

Q.  Can I call and speak to my child or can my child call home?
​A.  Parents are not allowed to call and speak to their child.  However, residents are allowed a 
​5 minute weekly call home if they are on Advance status.

​Q.  Do the residents attend school?
​A.  Yes.  Residents attend school Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-3 p.m.  Our school services are provided by teachers from the Jackson County Intermediate School District.

Q.  Can I drop off my child's school work from their school?
​A.  Yes.  School work can be dropped off at any time.  However, parents are responsible for
​ensuring the school work is returned back to the resident's home school once it is completed.

Q.  How can I find out how my child is behaving?
​A.  Parents are welcome to call and ask to speak to a supervisor at 517-788-4460 for this

Q.  Where do I send or drop off mail?
​A.  All incoming mail must be sent through the United States Postal Service.  Mail is not allowed to be dropped off at our facility.  Send mail to:  930 Fleming Ave., Jackson, MI  49202

Q.  When is my child's next court date?

A.  All court information should be obtained by calling the Family Court Department at 

Q.  Can my child's pastor and/or counselor see them while they are detained?
​A.  Yes.  Please coordinate those visits with the resident's Probation Officer.  If your child does not have a Probation Officer, please contact the Youth Center and ask to speak to a supervisor.

Q.  What time can I pick up my child on their release date?
​A.  Any time after midnight unless otherwise specified on the court order.

​Q.  What items am I allowed to drop off for my child?
​A.  Postage stamps, books, magazines, and personal photographs (a total of 36).

Q.  Do you accept interns?
A.  Yes.  For more information, please contact Misty Jones, Treatment Supervisor by phone at
​517-768-2755 or email at: