Well & Septic Information

Wells and Sewage System Permits are mandated and regulated by the Jackson County Health Department Environmental Health Division. Any new systems or repairs/replacements must involve our department. Visit the following pages for additional information. 

EH - Perk

Old Well & Septic Information

Old well and septic records after 1972 should be on file with the Environmental Health Office. Call 517-788-4433 or email EHealth@mijackson.org to have files emailed or faxed. Documents can be printed in office for a fee.

Property Change of Use Review

Looking to change the use of the property, get a review.
Change of use can include going from residential to commercial, commercial to residential, adding a bedroom, demolishing less than 50% of a building and more. Call us with any questions.

Property Change of Use Review Form (PDF)
There is an $85 fee associated with this process. 

Financial Assistance Resources for Septic Repair & Replacements

Financial Assistance Resources for Septic Repair & Replacements (PDF)