The Environmental Health Division inspects campgrounds in Jackson County to ensure the campgrounds are following Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) guidelines established in the Public Act and Rules Governing Campgrounds (PDF)

Permanent Campgrounds

Environmental Health sanitarians perform annual inspections on the county’s permanent campgrounds. Each campground must submit payment for a sanitarian to perform the annual inspection. Each inspection is sent to the MDEQ to process and issue annual licenses. The inspection report form is located on the MDEQ’s website:
To open new campgrounds rules and regulations specified by the MDEQ must be followed. A copy of documents must be turned in to the local health department once approved.

Temporary Campgrounds

Temporary campgrounds can be established with approval from the Local Health Department for a maximum time of operation of two weeks with an optional two week extension period. A minimum of 30 days must pass between each temporary campground license. When applying for a temporary license all documentation must be completed and turned in to the local health department for approval at LEAST 14 days prior to the event. A temporary campground permit application can be obtained in our office. 

List of items to be submitted at LEAST 14 days prior to the event
• Completed license application
• License fee payment
• Copies of contracts
• Negative Coliform and Not Detected Nitrate tests
• Site Plan
A sanitarian will do an inspection before the event to issue the campground license. If approved, a license will be given to the person in charge during that time and must stay on site for the duration of the event. A copy of the license will be submitted to MDEQ. Any variances needed must be submitted to MDEQ for approval so additional time may be needed. Please contact us with any questions.